Saudi Arabia’s Ailing Gerontocracy

Saudi Arabia’s Ailing Gerontocracy
By David Ottaway, Senior Scholar
December 01, 2010
The age and illness of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud of Saudi Arabia have raised anew the concern that the fate of the world’s key oil producer is now in the hands of an ailing gerontocracy. Bed-ridden in a New York City hospital, the king at [...]

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Egypt after Mubarak

Egypt after Mubarak–Los Angles Times Oped, March 30, 2010
With an upcoming election and a new challenger to the longtime president, there’s a political effervescence the likes of which has not been seen in decades.

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The King and Us

The article analyzes the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia, from the diplomatic meeting of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and Saudi King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud in 1945 to the aftermath of the Iraq War. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, which were organized and perpetrated primarily by Saudi Arabians, are also discussed. Factors which have led the U.S. and Saudi Arabia to cultivate close ties, and other factors which have led to hostility between the two nations, are analyzed. Issues involving the petroleum industry and the Israeli-Arab conflict are addressed in this context.

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The Arab Tomorrow

The Arab world today is ruled by contradiction. Turmoil and stagnation prevail, as colossal wealth and hyper­modern cities collide with mass illiteracy and rage-filled imams. In this new diversity may lie disaster, or the makings of a better Arab ­future.

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The Islamists’ ­Dilemma

Islamists in Algeria are in turmoil over whether to continue participating in politics.

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